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Social Networking

These days Social media has not only become a critical tool to interact with customers, but is also a key element that impacts organic search rankings for your business. Companies that utilize social media strategically are seeing significant benefits in terms of revenue and online placement.

Dsign Website's social media expertise to provide a consistent brand image across social media channels. Dsign Website provide full suite setup and optimization over the social channels Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, and Twitter. This includes full support and performance tracking reports.

Why social media?
Facebook: enhances the business's organic listing, improves brand reputation, and allows the business to offer unique deals.

Flickr: Flickr account to increase traffic to the website and make the business appear in image searches. Flickr is a photo sharing website by Yahoo. We have seen tremendous results from sharing photos through Flickr.

YouTube: Online videos are one of the fastest growing forms of media on the Internet. Ensure your videos are search optimized. The online video developed for search engines is vastly different from the standard videos.

Twitter: and other social sites make you to gain totally by setting up Twitter and other social channels.

Blog: Position your business as the local expert. Blogs are similar to interactive online journals that update your website with fresh and new content By creating a blog for your business, you will be able to attract visitors.

Some of the key benefits of having a blog include the following: