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Offshore Staffing New Zealand

Offshore staffing, or employee leasing, is the process of indirectly recruiting full-time professionals for your ongoing business needs. Instead of recruiting professionals directly into your workforce, you engage personnel employed with another company. This is similar to outsourcing but is a more budget-friendlysolution. It can save you considerable costs that would have otherwise been spent on the recruitment process, setting up infrastructure and supervising work.

Design Website is also providing offshore staffing service for website design and development.These offshore staffs will work exclusively for you 8 Hrs a day, 6 days a week. During the offshore staffing tenure (minimum 6 months), you or your designated person will remotely supervise their work.
Offshore Staffing Advantages at Design Website. We can deploy high quality designers, animators and programmers within 15 days of receiving purchase order. We can provide offshore staffs in the following areas Offshore Staffing Process